Death, please come

Feeling tired
I said, “you can’t do this to me”

I whisper, I sob, I scream
But you don’t care

If you arrive
I will survive

I don’t want to see another day
Another day means more sorrow, more humiliation, more tears

New day neither brings new hope nor any goodness
Let me free tonight, let me take another world where nobody recognizes me.

10 Malaysian Food You Should Try

Malaysia is a place of invigorating and multicultural cuisine, where you can find combination of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food with exotic flavors. Most of the Malaysians love eat outside food. Malaysian cuisine is a true reflection of sophistication and delicacies of Asian cuisines. They also have a fascination of chilies.
1. Nasi Lemak2016-03-28-07-45-41

The national dish of Malaysia is Nasi Lemak. Malaysian usually eat this at breakfasts. Local restaurants serve it with a banana-leaf parcel. The US based magazine, Time’s listed nasi lemak as one of the 10 healthiest international breakfast. It is an inspiring array of colors, flavors, textures and aromas, like coconut milk infused rice, hard- boiled egg, cucumber slices, peanuts, anchovies and rendang curry.
2. Asam Laksa: If you have penchant for noodles, vegetables, creamy broths and stew-like dishes then it’s something worth giving a try. It’s a delicate taste with great presentation. The dish comes from Penang and it was listed one of the best food from50 Best Food of CNN Go Reader. This fish soup combined with rice noodles, lemongrass, tamarind makes it a little sour, then finished off with chilies, onions, pineapples, cucumber and ginger flower.
3. Char Kuay Teow: This is comfort food, typically made of stir-fried noodles and mixed with soy, chili, prawns, often cockles, the shrimp paste, bean sprouts, and egg.
4. Satay: It is an item that can be enjoyed by everyone. The Malays turned satays into an art form that runs the spectrum from peanut butter sauce, rice cubes, onion slices and cucumbers. The trick is in properly marinating the meat. They’re all delicious. There are three common types of satays: chicken, lamb and beef.
5. Asam pedas: The traditional dish fish and okra dish is originated from Malaysia. Usually Spanish mackerel or sting ray is used for this sour-spicy dish by adding tamarind broth and infused with belachan, dried chilies, shallots and is then cooked. It is served with plain rice.

6. Rojak: This spicy fruit and vegetable salad has to be my favourite because this is light, delicious and perfect dish regardless of the season. You can have crisp pineapple, guava, mango or turnip laden with shrimp paste, in a rich brown-black savoury-sweet sauce.
7. Roti Canai: Roti canai is recipe of Indian origin. The thin and crispy flat bread itself is simple: flour, egg and clarified butter, but the end result is a hearty. It is served with lentil or dhal.

8. Beef Rendang2016-03-28-08-13-21

Malaysia’s classic dish is beef rending. It is cooked slowly by adding various seasonings and flavours. The tantalising combination of a rich piquant curry with beef and mixed with ginger and turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime and chillies.
9. Kuih Seri Muka: This is a green and white two layered dessert, made glutinous rice, pandan leaf infused jelly, coconut milk. Personally it is one of my favorites, The soft mixture is shaped into cakes, which are fried, generally in vegetable oil.
10. ABC: Another Malaysian dessert is Ais Batu Campur or ABC. It may be simplicity itself but it’s extremely delicious: shaved ice topped with sweetened corn, red bean and grass jelly, green rice noodles, evaporated milk and syrup.

Chef Conquers the World

What makes Jamie Oliver a great chef? Is it his good looking face or the quality he inherited from his parents? Is this only for his flair of cooking? To answer these questions, one has to watch his cooking show. And if you watch it once, you couldn’t want to miss the next show. The mesmerizing style of his cooking make you nothing but his loyal fan.

With wide eyed innocence and occasional spunky demeanour, Jamie exudes a special kind of sensation in the world of cooking.

When I watch his show first time, I was like: Finally, a chef who’s not just cooking! This chef is totally different from other chefs. The style of his cooking, together with his sense of humour and tact makes him admired worldwide. A cool and spontaneous guy shows the world how to cook in a healthy way in a minimum of time.

Whenever I feel low, I watch his show and immediately smile splashes on my face. Does this man know some magic to make people happy? Even he changed food habit of me and my children. I was a veggie hater and fond of outside fried food. But after watching his shows, I feel something awkward if I don’t eat any veggies in a day.

Jamie is not only a chef but he is also an activist. Success makes him more committed towards the society. He supports and sets campaign for various food issues. This English chef teaches common people that healthy food brings healthy lifestyle. He positively portrays people the value of eating veggies. Sometimes, I wonder how a man cook in such a relaxed manner!  Unbelievably, he instils the same vibe to his viewers also.

Kids & iPads

Gone are the days when kids were playing “Blind man’s buff”, “Hide and seek” or any board games. As society changes, so do our lifestyle. Technology change our lives and lifestyles. Now playing with iPads is a trend. Many of us cannot think life without smart phone or iPad, as it makes our lives simpler and smarter.

Today’s parents are busy and multitaskers. Some parents give iPad to their children to keep them busy. But they are not aware the after effect of it. Some doctors see risk on using these electronic gadgets. The people who spend too much time with their gadgets their brain become hyper and at times it creates headache. Playing on iPad or tablet can cause stimuli to brain. It promotes sleeplessness. These gadgets harness the process of human interaction. The apps of smart phones and tablets hinder the ability of imagination. It also deteriorate mental growth of kids.

According to Kosmo AHAD, close to a million kids below 12 years wear glasses in Malaysia because they spend too much time on electronic gadgets such as tablets, hand phones and video games.” The rise of technology create rise of young children using glasses over the past three years. Professor Doctor Haliza Abdul Mutalib, faculty of Science of University Kebangsan Malaysia said, “On average three out of 10 patients have vision problems caused by long usage of electronic gadgets.”

Children look up to their parents to do things. Whenever I go outside, be it a park or a restaurant, I see kids are busy with tablets. They stuck hours after hours with this gadget. They only focus on their tablets forgetting rest of the world. This is not kid’s fault. In fact, it is our fault. When they watch their parents are focused and busy with their smartphones and tabs then what will a child learn?

I’m not suggesting to make kids tech ignorant while parent are tech savvy. Kids can play with iPads. But parents should not allow them to use it for a long hour. We need to release them from the stress and strains of regular schedules and allow their individuality to blossom. Parents should assign a timeframe. Check that if they use the apps or games according to their age or not. Most of the kids are not interested in physical activities. Take them for a stroll in a park with a ball. Encourage them the benefit of swimming and start swimming with them.  Buy storybooks for them. Reading enrich imagination.

Chinese New Year

2014-01-11-14-56-34Anyone walking into the streets of KL in February, can see the red lanterns and can hear the beat of exhilarating drums. After coming here when I heard the thunderous roll of drums, I was astounded.

The celebration of Chinese New Year or CNY denotes new hope and aspirations. This event gives visitors the opportunity to witness the significant rituals and customs of Chinese. It attracts local and tourists as well.

In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animal sign. A different animal governs a particular year and imbues its attributes for that year. 2016 is a year of the Monkey.


CNY is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. There is a myth behind this festival. A wild beast called Nian attacked the villagers devouring livestock and crops. After that attack, villagers discovered that loud noise, bright lights and red colour could keep the beast away. For this, the origin of CNY celebration started. People also believed that in the time of Spring, farmers begin to prepare cultivation and so they start it with festival.

The actual date of the festival is determined by using traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. But it usually falls between late January and third week of February.  When the clock strikes 12:00 midnight, firecrackers are set off to mark the start of New Year and wards off evil spirits and bad luck.



All the malls are draped with red cloth turns into a livelier place. The red is the colour of the season and it symbolizes good fortune and joy. Proficient lion dancers spread good cheer and fortune with performances and throw free mandarin oranges.


One of the CNY tradition is reunion dinner, which is held the eve of first day of the New Year. All the members of the extended families usher the New Year with generous serving of food.

Another tradition is red packet of ang Paw. Specially designed ang paw packets have become a sought after item for kids. Children and singles get it from married couples.

Visiting family and friends on second day is also a tradition.

Another interesting tradition is not to wash hair on the first day of the lunar year. Because, it is seen as not a good thing to “wash one’s fortune away” at the beginning of the New Year.

Malaysia, my second home

Malaysia captured my heart from first visit. Through the airplane window, this country looks like a jewel encrusted necklace at nights.Malaysia is famous for Petronas Twin Tower, batik textile art, wildlife, islands, hills, palm oil, and durians.

This is a country where plentiful cultures and traditions meet and blend. Malaysia is a truly Asia.What I love about Malaysia is about how they respect all cultures and traditions. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia because of its multiculturalism.

There are hundreds of picturesque islands as well as highlands in Malaysia. One can do an endless number of activities here. You can chill out on the beach or surf on the sea. And if you don’t like beaches, go for hiking or indulge yourself to relaxing spa therapies or you can just wander the streets, shop till you drop and enjoy mouth-watering delicacies.

When I moved from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur, I rushed unpreparedly. It was challenging at first. But Malaysia has some charm itself that helps people to cope up quickly.

With the rising trend of globalization and the constant demand of better life, people move to a foreign land. Moving into a country means living in a new atmosphere with some new people in a totally different lifestyle. It takes time to find your feet in a new culture. There are some psychosomatic pressure consists in first couple of months as we come leaving behind our country, family and friends.

Photo1162The capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur looks as wonderful at day as it is at nights. The glittering KL sleeps less like me or perhaps never sleeps. The dark time becomes magical with blinking lights from the buildings and landmarks. An airplane is flying slowly over the clouds. Is it aeroplane or star? Can star move? Nope, stars are rare in cloudy sky of KL. The country looks like a sparkling necklace at night from the plane. Once in a while, fireworks brighten the surroundings and breaks the silence of the nights behind the distant hills. I enjoy every single bit of Malaysia, from nasi lemak to belachan and from Bahasa to baju kurung.

I came in this foreign land for better career and better life. My ambition to become a global citizen gives me apprehension.  I want to live in this country till my death. Those who live abroad say that their lives is very challenging, though they enjoy it and they don’t wish to resettle their own country ever. When someone come abroad resigning one’s job, selling one’s belongings and properties, leaving all relatives and friends, it’s not easy to go back to his/her past life. It’s a matter of shame followed by dejection, a matter of worthlessness.

When someone migrate or move in a country, they come with lots of hope in their eyes and lots of love for that country in their hearts. I don’t know when I develop lots of admiration for this country! I didn’t know that instead of a person, a place can be my adoration, apple of my eyes! An outstanding fascination flourishes in my hearts for this country, which I can’t ignore.

I wake up from sleep early today. The sky looks awesome during the break of dawn and the finishing of night. Few vehicles are passing on the street. One bike enters in the adjacent filling station. Thunder lights peeps from various parts of the sky. This country instigates any person to become creative and artistic by its magnificent views.

The other thing, I discover that this country doesn’t give anyone more time to feel gloomy. Life of this cosmopolitan doesn’t have time to think about cheap and stupid sentiment. The picturesque scenery of KL has strong impact of the lives of its citizens that they cannot cry over anything long. One can be unmindful here for few seconds, but positive wind from the mountains blow them right away. Emotions become fade by the hustling and bustling of this city. What a strange country I choose to settle down!

Malaysia motivates me to leave bitterness and pessimism behind and helps me a better way to solve my life’s hitches. Saya cinta Malaysia. Please Malaysia, don’t ever let me go…….

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